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Gifts & Accessories

Davos Sled

This classic Davos sled is sure to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike.


Cat Condo

This stylish cat tree is the perfect perch for your feline friend, and meets all their demands.

Bar Stools

Counter-Height Stools

This elegant set of counter-height seats works to accent any style of kitchen without competing for the spotlight.

Beds, Dressers & Chests

Craftsman Dresser & Mirror

The handsome dresser and mirror you see here are our next offerings in the suite of Craftsman pieces for your bedroom. Lucky are the ones who get to build, and add these fine pieces to their collection.

Bar Stools

Sturdy DIY Workbench

A new bench that’s heavy enough it can’t be pushed around, but doesn’t cost a ton of money to build? You bet! And that’s a good thing for you.


Harvey Ellis Organizer

Who wouldn’t be up for recreating this winsome piece of fine furniture. From top to bottom this alluring desk offers beauty and practicality that’s hard to resist.

Bookcases & Shelves

Children's Bookcase

This tip-proof rack is a great addition to any room. And the sturdy, solid-wood construction means it won’t take long to build.

Gifts & Accessories

Kitchen Tools

This quartet of small projects is sure to please the cook in your life. You can make one or all four in a weekend.

Workshop & Garage

Flammable Storage Cabinet

Customizable and wall-mounted, this storage cabinet for flammables helps keep your shop organized and your finishing supplies safe.

Gifts & Accessories

Joiners Mallet

The secret to this well balanced mallet is the two "pockets" in the laminated head. These pockets are drilled in the core pieces and then filled with lead weights.

Gifts & Accessories

Leisure Daybed

Build this historically inspired lounge to make a statement in your living room — and about your woodworking skill.

Bookcases & Shelves

Crooked Knives

Channel your inner blacksmith to create a unique knife blade and handle for tackling curved cuts.