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Shop Projects

Enhance your workshop with woodworking plans for shop projects, from tool stands to workbenches, shop-made tools, and more.


Router Cabinet

Not only does this project organize your router gear, it also provides a drop-down workspace. Plus, the construction keeps it approachable enough to build in a weekend.

Table Saw

Table Saw Cabinet

Providing a home for blades, inserts, and more, this cabinet is the perfect companion for your time at the table saw.

Shop Projects

Shop Organizer

This wall-mounted system packs in a lot of storage — and an extra worksurface. It’s easy to build and configure to meet your needs.

Carts & Stands

Lathe Stand

The mass built into this stand helps your lathe run vibration-free. You can customize the drawers to meet your needs and add an optional swing-out rack to keep your turning tools close while you work.


Expandable Assembly Cart

No matter what size project you're building, this assembly table makes it easy to put it together. Raise or lower the table to hold projects at a comfortable working height. And flip up two wings to expand the work surface.

Jigs & Fixtures

Router Tenoning Jig

All you need is a router and this simple jig to rout tenons quickly and accurately.

Jigs & Fixtures

Router Miter Trimmer

With a hand-held router and this jig, you can make perfect-fitting miters in no time at all.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Shop-Built Cabinet Scraper

This classic scraper is the perfect tool for smoothing wood surfaces. Plus, it looks great doing it.

Tool Cabinets

Shaker Tool Cabinet

This two-part cabinet is a clinic in classic joinery techniques. And it houses a lot of tools in a small space.


Sturdy DIY Workbench

A new bench that’s heavy enough it can’t be pushed around, but doesn’t cost a ton of money to build? You bet! And that’s a good thing for you.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Joiners Mallet

The secret to this well balanced mallet is the two "pockets" in the laminated head. These pockets are drilled in the core pieces and then filled with lead weights.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Crooked Knives

Channel your inner blacksmith to create a unique knife blade and handle for tackling curved cuts.